Sweet spuds for your skin! ♥

Solanum Tuberosum, the noble and helpful potato...it's been used for centuries to help get rid of skin problems like blotches, scarring, and any other discoloration.  It's also very useful for lightening your skin tone in certain areas, making it ideal for getting rid of those pesky under-eye circles. Another awesome thing these cool tubers can do is soak up any excess oil from your face.  They can even help soothe your skin after a difficult sunburn too!


There are lots of products you can buy at the store or online that contain taters, like many different varieties of wrinkle creams, skin tone lightening (or bleaching) products, acne products, and many clarifying and firming face washes and masks.  Neutrogena's Oil Free Cream Face Wash is my favorite product using solanum tuberosum because it pairs with salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that's used to help clean and revive your skin.  I also LOVE Fil-Lup Potato Essence Mask.  There's another great product using solanum tuberosum, LUSH cosmetic's Volcano Foot Mask, which makes your tootsies feel like you spent a long day at the spa.  Awesome.

Looking for more information on spuds and how they help your skin?  Try this article, and you can also check out this article for useful tips on using potatoes and other natural stuff in your kitchen to get rid of dark spots and blemishes.




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