Completely eliminating animal testing in cosmetics...

Okay little guy, hold still. This might hurt a little. It might also kill you. 

So, yeah, humans still test cosmetics on animals.  I don't like it, nobody really likes it, but aside from heaps of people complaining about it and even boycotting most products, there isn't much anyone can do about it simply because of how often it's "necessary".  The biggest thing animals are tested for in the cosmetic industry is skin allergies, because we don't want to use products that could harm our skin.  (Let me take this time to add that in most parts of the world, even in our own country, cosmetic products are sold that contain possibly harmful ingredients that are simply there because the required testing was not done, or was done and overlooked.  I don't approve 100% of the efforts the FDA puts forth in determining which cosmetic products are safe for use, but if you're interested in what sorts of things they look for, check out this page.)
Since January of this year, great breakthroughs have made it possible to now administer the skin allergy tests and other similar tests to a chip that can simulate the necessary conditions needed for proper results.  
"The chip is intended to replace a local lymph node assay, that is often done on new chemicals used in cosmetics. Today, the tests are generally performed on female mice. (Though some labs use an older method involving guinea pigs..."
 Skin allergy tests in most animals are done by detecting allergic responses by stimulating T cells, all of which is done within the lymph nodes and lymphatic fluids.  This means this tiny chip that could possibly be not only easier, but far cheaper than animal testing, may soon be able to replace tests on many, or ALL animals in the cosmetic industry.  This is just the sort of breakthrough that the Humane Society has been just dying for, because it can, and hopefully will, save thousands of animal lives every year.

A good read into the GEARI website (Group for the Education of Animal-Related Issues) will make it clear that there are many alternative ways many companies can do their testing without harming animals or even using them in any way.  Check it out!  ♥


Greggish said...

Check out leapingbunny.org's compassionate shopper's guide for a huge list of cruelty-free cosmetic products and companies!!


webcake said...

I love that site! Greggers you should totally collab with me on this psychodermatology article :)

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