Sexy bɨtches spotlight ♥

Well, as usual, I get agitated when all I hear about are thin blondies and heiress blowhards getting all of the media attention because they're so beautiful. A lot of people forget what makes a real beauty beautiful - a whole lotta tits and ass. Curvy women obviously rule, and there's some sexy ladies getting some (not always so positive) spotlight recently that have curves to match their confidence. I decided to choose one of my favorites to spotlight, since she's been looking positively scrumptious...

Nicki Minaj

Yeah, she's ghetto. Yeah, she's fly. And yeah, she's got half of the people that know her name absolutely HATING on her. But hey, every fly ass lady has a parade of haters behind her, that's kinda like a rule. Just because a girl wears some boss Barbie bling and has an ass that rivals a Sealy Tempurpedic mattress, everyone tries to make her look like a fraud. So maybe she got some puff added, and maybe she didn't.

My biggest peeve is that everyone's going nuts over what they think are "butt pads", and then in the same instance referencing her fluctuating weight. Well....if she gains and loses weight so much, how hard is it to believe she's just got a naturally phat ass?!

She's not claiming she's 100% natural. She's completely straightforward about her plasticy image and she (and her hoards of fans) don't seem to mind. She calls herself a Harajuku Barbie, and shapes her image around colorful makeup, hot hair, and outfits that accentuate all those lovely assets.

Nicki's favorite makeup item? According to this interview, it's MAC's Pink Nouveau Lipstick! Want to get some looks from her videos, or Nicki inspired makeup tutorials?

Check out this one from the "Bedrock" video. (Hate that song, love the makeup.)
Here's another awesome Nicki Minaj makeup tutorial...
And a super sweet Barbie-yumyum Nicki inspired tutorial here.

Interested in her music? Listen to her here, on Pandora Radio.


Bee & Flower Rose Soap & some new pretty things ♥

Hello again! The other day, I made a small purchase that I'm absolutely loving. I was at the natural foods store and found some Bee & Flower soap, one was sandalwood and the other was rose. I'm obsessed with anything rose, and it was only 99 cents, so I got it. It's a vegetable soap and uses no animal related products, and it's super easy on your skin. Not only that, but it smells SOOOOooo good. It actually leaves a light scent on your skin too, without a nasty film or anything gross like that.

Another perk is it's beautiful packaging! It's very neatly wrapped in an ornate little pocket type thingy with pretty flowers and Chinese writing all over it. You can smell it right through the package. I have no idea where this soap is normally found, but if you find it, BUY IT!

As for the pretty things I made:

Those round pretty green orbs are Green Aventurine, and sporadically dispersed amongst them are sets of three sea glass chips. I looooove this, I wore it yesterday.

This one is basically on the same idea, but with only sets of 1, 2, 3, and 4 grade B Lapis Lazuli chips. It's also a little longer, and I made earrings for it too. I only have one shirt that matches, but I love it anyway. Both of them are on basic silver plated double link chain and have silver plated barrel clasps.

Well that's my piece for the day. I'm about to play some CoDmw2 until my eyes bleed. ♥ xoxo


Hard Candy's GINORMOUS Lash Mascara & Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow ♥

Hello beauties! ♥

I recently discovered two items that go so perfectly together, I had to spotlight them at the same time. Behold the poor quality of my sidekick camera:

Those two blurry awesome things are Hard Candy's GINORMOUS LASH MASCARA! I put it in caps because it truly does make your lashes friggin' GINORMOUS! The color is Carbon Black, ofcourse.

This mascara does exactly what it says it's sup
posed to do.

When I first used it, I expected big fat clumpy lashes that would go great with my dark gothy eyes that day, but what I ended up getting was something so much more wonderful, and far less clumpy.

In fact, there are no clumps, at all! (Not that I've seen so far in almost a week, anyway.) I believe it has something to do with the shape of the brush. I can't take a picture that shows anything on my awful camera, so I'll just say that it's pointy, properly bristled, and PLASTIC.

So, plastic applicators haven't always been my favorite thing, but when it comes to smooth application of a thick-ass mascara like this one, plastic totally fits the bill.

I've also noticed that it adds length to the tips of my lashes without adding sticky residue that would otherwise come off on my upper cheeks. That didn't happen, and it dried quickly on my lashes without flaking.

This mascara takes the cake. And we all love cake.

Oh, and if you're looking for some shots of what this looks like applied, check out the Muse's November post on this product here.

The other little pot that's there is Maybelline New York's Dream Mousse Shadow in Black Spice. Though I absolutely love this shadow, I have to be clear before one of you go buy it, open it, and wonder how the heck I wear it every day when it looks (and feels) so clumpy.

Well, it's a mousse by name, but more of a cream by texture.
It applies easily if you use a small eye brush, or in my case, a flat lip brush. (I have oily eyelids.) Now let me name a few things about this shadow before I say how much I love it:

  • Not good for finger application. This is a bit iffy for me, because when it comes to any shadow that isn't dry packaged, I like to apply with my fingers.
  • If you tip it over, some of it will actually fly out. And it stains. Bad.
  • Sometimes the sparkles clump together, and take a bit of evening out before you get the "starry sky" look instead of the "i put crayons on my eyelids" look.
Those things being said, I can now elaborate on why it's better than it seems:

  • Using a small brush, the application is MUCH easier. Takes a few minutes, but it's easier.
  • The color lasts ALL DAY. It doesn't fade, and it's a PERFECT BASE for many other dark gothy shades.
  • It's SUPER SMOOTH, so if you want to give the ends of your eyes a little wing action, you can easily just use a small lip brush and get profesh looking eyes from a $3 eyeshadow pot.
  • It's sparkly black. Love.

Super sexii right?? So go out and buy both of these right now!! ♥

webcake xoxoxoxo


Super Cute Blog Spotlight!

I spend a lot of time every morning and every night browsing the blogs of other beauty writers and fellow cutesy junkies. Though I love each and every blog I read (for the most part) and have enjoyed having such wonderful ladies on my BlogRoll, there are two that are super sweet and keep me endlessly entertained!

The following two ladies are cool (and totally lucky) enough to receive my 2nd ever blog award, the SUPER CUTE BLOG AWARD! Wicked original, right?

The first, a super cute blonde (and the only blonde that I don't secretly despise) and fab blogger, Chloë! Check out her blog at Makeup Princess! ♥ I would also like to add that she's having a really neat giveaway right now, including prizes like Rimmel's Max Volume Flash mascara & some delicious chocolates! Yum!

The second is a fellow gamer, a really sweet and chic gal who's also worlds away from webcake's stomping grounds. She's Anastasia, at Lipsticks & Lightsabers, and she rules! Some of the stuff I like best about this girl is her brutally honest rants. She holds nothing back, and isn't afraid to speak exactly what's on her mind about a product, whether it's good, bad, or ugly. (Not normally ugly, since she's so cute. ♥)

Congrats ladies! Feel free to show my awesome award on your blogs. You don't have to, but it's really cute so you totally should.

Keep being so super cute!
xoxo webcake <3


Sweet special things!! L'Oréal Vive Pro & Harajuku Lovers LOVE fragrance ♥

I hope everyone had a beautiful and happy holiday! I plan on sticking to my resolution this year. I hope everyone else does too...and honestly, I usually completely space mine and never do it anyway. But this time, it's different!

So let's take a quick look at some of the neat stuff I've received recently. I got two things in particular that were my favorites!

First, is the absolutely magnificent Harajuku Lover's perfume in LOVE.

First is the super cute doll bottle and the little mini. And get this, that little mini slider is full of solid perfume...and it's shimmery! It's a transluscent shimmer and it smells so sweet!

LOVE is Gwen Stefani's scent, and has hints of Rose, Peach, Pink Pomelo, Ylang Ylang, Watery Peony, Bamboo Leaf, Jasmine Sambac, Creamy Paperwhites, Egyptian Jasmine, Musk, Blond Wood, Vanilla, Bergamot, and Nectarine Blossom!

It all comes together to smell sweet, soft, and tOOoooOOotally sexy. There's a peeve I have with it though...that it doesn't last as long as I would like. I love it when pretty scents cling to my sweatshirts, and have people saying how good I smell *all* day when I only apply it in the morning. Other than that, it's wondersextastic. I totally recommend it if you like a soft combination of floral and woodsy.

Another neato thing that I got was L'Oréal Vive Pro Glossy Body Boosting Shampoo! It's for fine hair, which I certainly have. My hair is totally thin and gets dry and oily way too easily depending on what's in my shampoo...so it's totally hard to find something that I can use continuously. (Other than Dr. Bronner's Rose.)

See that? Glossy Volume! Automatically I thought "greasy heavy mess", but I was way wrong.

This stuff works GREAT! Usually my problem is that shampoo meant to give body to hair usually adds a lot of weight to it too. That's really counterproductive in hair like mine, it's just thin and flat. This shampoo doesn't seem to do that though, it just adds some gentle bounce and softness, and it even makes it look shiny without looking greasy!

There's never a gross film when I rinse this stuff out in the next shower, either. That's usually why I can tell shampoos aren't great for my hair, because they still leave a residue later at night or the day after.

Well, that's all for now! Hope everyone enjoys coming down from their new year's festivities ;)

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