Using hemp & hemp seed oil to vastly improve your skin's health!

No, I am not exaggerating when I say you can "vastly" improve your skin's health using hemp products and extracts!  There are many products made using hemp oils and hemp seed oils that are used for severely dry skin, as well as skin conditions like eczema, excessive acne problems, and problems with blotchy skin.

There have been testimonials of people for years and years (since it became legal to grow the crop again in Canada in 1998, anyway.)  of people that have had fantastic results with hemp seed oil and hemp oil.

The craziest part about it though, is that when you search the internet far and wide, you can only find very minimal negative reviews of hemp seed oil products, and it's almost ALWAYS by someone who's a puff-chested anti-drug that can't muster the brain cells to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis.

I won't go into all the hemp plant's many other uses that could not only enrich our lives, but stimulate a dying economy, so instead I'll just focus on it's great uses in the beauty world.  I wrote a helpful article on using hemp oil &  hemp seed oil at home yourself to greatly improve the health of your hair and skin.  You can read it here.  If you're interested in what popular high-rated products use hemp seed oil and/or hemp oil as a main ingredient, here are a few:

Body lotion and bath products from Yaoh! Organic Products
Hempz Haircare Products (AMAZING products.)
Good ol' Burts Bees hemp Res-Q lip balm
GiGi Hemp Skincare Products  (Ultra-moisturizing wax & lotions)

There's plenty of simple ways to use the extracts and oils of the hemp plant right in your own home to get great results.  If you've got a skin, hair, or other condition and it's possible to cure it with hemp oils and extracts, shouldn't you give it a try?

Yes, that is a hemp wiimote. Stay cute, smart, & green! ♥ xoxo


Anonymous said...

where do you buy hemp plants?

Anonymous said...

So, I'm assuming you're talking about consuming it rather than applying it directly to skin?

webcake said...

You can consume it as well of course, but it's great for your skin as well when applied properly using a safe combination of ingredients.

Here's some more info on it too. :)

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