Valentine's Day makeovers & making the day special! ♥

It's almost Valentine's Day!  It's the time of year where people that barely tolerate each other buy expensive, useless gifts and eat disgusting, chalk-like heart candies.  (Why do those things still exist? Ew.)  This "holiday" gives many people the world over a warm, loving feeling.  There's lots of ways to show the person you love just how much they mean to you this Valentine's Day, even with the economy still wobbling on it's last leg.  You don't need to go buy your lady a Benz, and you certainly don't need to give your guy a Rolex.

If you have a wallet full of cash or if you've got nothing more than good wishes and smiles to share, this three-step Valentine's day formula can simply NEVER FAIL. ♥

  1. Look Pretty.   Valentine's Day is about all things pretty, sweet, cuddly, and cute.  You want to be ALL of those things, so your significant other will be more inclined to treat you like a queen.  Use that beauty routine that you use when you're going out.  (You know what I mean.  OUT out, not shopping at Target out.)  In other words, put your best face on.  For some totally sweet Valentine's Day Makeup tutorials, check out this one from RiceBunny, and this one from FaffinetteX3.  Also, here's some quick extra tips on making your lipstick/lipgloss last through dinner, and choosing the perfect shade of Valentine's pink.
  2. Cook GREAT food.  Me, I can cook with the best of 'em.  But not all cutie pies can whip up a fancy, delicious feast for their lady/man unless they are taking it out of a take-out box and arranging it on a plate. (Mrs. Doubtfire flashbacks.)  Never fear, talentless beauties!  Here are some easy and elegant recipes that will make your Valentine's Day dinner a complete success.  And, they're idiot-proof, so if you're the type of girl who burns toast, you should be fine with these.  
  3. Don't break the mood!  This is usually the hardest to do on Valentine's Day.  After food (and most likely, some of the most generous sex you've given your partner all year), things tend to wind down and turn the romantic day into just another evening at home.  This could include anything from retiring at about 7pm to having to hide upstairs while your fella's buddies come over for leftover lamb and wine.  You can't let that crap slide, girlies.  So instead of letting the mood die and letting your partner become disinterested in the day you've planned, remember to bring out a tray of goodies and a movie you two haven't seen.  Try surprising him with a bottle of some sweet dessert wine and frosted egg biscuits.  NOBODY can say no to liquor and sweets.  Get him/her nice and tipsy, and fall asleep together, cuddling to whatever lame movie you picked.

Following my patented 3 step Valentine's Day guidelines will not only prove successful, but you won't have to buy anyone anything expensive.  And that's really the point, isn't it?  Oh, and love.  Yeah.  ♥

For some extra super sweet Valentine's Day makeup tutorials, try this look for blondes by ZoeeBella, or this look for dark haired beauties by BeautyBargainHunter. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!  ♥webcake


Anonymous said...

"Some of the most generous sex..." Pshhh. Your guy is lucky. My girl can't even cook. =X

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