Super Cute Blog Spotlight!

I spend a lot of time every morning and every night browsing the blogs of other beauty writers and fellow cutesy junkies. Though I love each and every blog I read (for the most part) and have enjoyed having such wonderful ladies on my BlogRoll, there are two that are super sweet and keep me endlessly entertained!

The following two ladies are cool (and totally lucky) enough to receive my 2nd ever blog award, the SUPER CUTE BLOG AWARD! Wicked original, right?

The first, a super cute blonde (and the only blonde that I don't secretly despise) and fab blogger, Chloë! Check out her blog at Makeup Princess! ♥ I would also like to add that she's having a really neat giveaway right now, including prizes like Rimmel's Max Volume Flash mascara & some delicious chocolates! Yum!

The second is a fellow gamer, a really sweet and chic gal who's also worlds away from webcake's stomping grounds. She's Anastasia, at Lipsticks & Lightsabers, and she rules! Some of the stuff I like best about this girl is her brutally honest rants. She holds nothing back, and isn't afraid to speak exactly what's on her mind about a product, whether it's good, bad, or ugly. (Not normally ugly, since she's so cute. ♥)

Congrats ladies! Feel free to show my awesome award on your blogs. You don't have to, but it's really cute so you totally should.

Keep being so super cute!
xoxo webcake <3


Stef said...

Cute award nik : )

webcake said...

Thanks luv!

Anastasia said...

Thanks for this! You're so adorable xP

Sorry I haven't posted it yet - I shall, I just like my on-topic posts to tend to be on that one topic, and I tend to store up more off-topic things to put a few in together. This'll go in my next off-topicy one.

Now... Lime Crime lipstick review! *Vanish*


♥ Chloë ♥ said...

Hey hun!! Sorry I didnt comment on this sooner, your posts arent coming up on my reader!!! :( Along with some others too. I'm so annoyed!!

Thank you so much for it :) Will post it on my blog asap!! xoxox

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