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Well, as usual, I get agitated when all I hear about are thin blondies and heiress blowhards getting all of the media attention because they're so beautiful. A lot of people forget what makes a real beauty beautiful - a whole lotta tits and ass. Curvy women obviously rule, and there's some sexy ladies getting some (not always so positive) spotlight recently that have curves to match their confidence. I decided to choose one of my favorites to spotlight, since she's been looking positively scrumptious...

Nicki Minaj

Yeah, she's ghetto. Yeah, she's fly. And yeah, she's got half of the people that know her name absolutely HATING on her. But hey, every fly ass lady has a parade of haters behind her, that's kinda like a rule. Just because a girl wears some boss Barbie bling and has an ass that rivals a Sealy Tempurpedic mattress, everyone tries to make her look like a fraud. So maybe she got some puff added, and maybe she didn't.

My biggest peeve is that everyone's going nuts over what they think are "butt pads", and then in the same instance referencing her fluctuating weight. Well....if she gains and loses weight so much, how hard is it to believe she's just got a naturally phat ass?!

She's not claiming she's 100% natural. She's completely straightforward about her plasticy image and she (and her hoards of fans) don't seem to mind. She calls herself a Harajuku Barbie, and shapes her image around colorful makeup, hot hair, and outfits that accentuate all those lovely assets.

Nicki's favorite makeup item? According to this interview, it's MAC's Pink Nouveau Lipstick! Want to get some looks from her videos, or Nicki inspired makeup tutorials?

Check out this one from the "Bedrock" video. (Hate that song, love the makeup.)
Here's another awesome Nicki Minaj makeup tutorial...
And a super sweet Barbie-yumyum Nicki inspired tutorial here.

Interested in her music? Listen to her here, on Pandora Radio.


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