Helpful makeup & hair tips for girls with glasses! *

Remember when wearing glasses made you a nerd? Kids still said "four eyes" and other manner of silly things to make the few that wore glasses feel like outcasts for being different. Boy, have times sure changed!

Young woman wearing glasses, portrait

Now, glasses are chic and sexy! Pretty much half the kids in school nowadays are rocking some sick shades, and it's a safe bet that much of the ridicule has ceased. There are even many, MANY boys (and girls) that think glasses on a lady are the hottest thing since the white hot fiery pulses of a quasar.

Sure, glasses are awesome now, and sure, lots of girls are even buying a pair with see through glass lenses instead of prescription lenses simply for the style, but there are still some small drawbacks.

For instance, when you have a long (real long) beauty routine in the morning that includes masterful foundation application, you could get very very frustrated if your glasses leave lines on your cheeks. It rubs off the foundation and powders in a perfect little red line right on your cheeks and makes it look like you got smacked in the face with the side of a George Foreman grill. Also, those two little soft bumpers on the bridge of your nose -- you know the ones I'm talking about -- can bcause troublesome dry spots, or just simply irritate you with the way they rub off all your makeup on your nose after a while. Also, those hinges that keep your glasses together can pinch your hair, if it's long enough. And that can be very, very painful if it gets tugged out!

Taking along a pressed powder compact in your purse/bag/pocket/whatever could help patch up any smudges your glasses create. Also, make sure if you can't brush your hair every few hours, keep it as non-straggly as it can be by putting it behind your ears, and kicking the habit of playing with your hair. (If you play with your hair too often anyway, it can get greasy and develop split ends.)

You might also want to try carrying around a soft cover stick (like e.l.f's All Over Cover Stick) to help conceal those smudged or red spots. Try dabbing the areas you use the cover stick on with some pressed powder to help blend it back into the rest of your foundation. Be careful, too...if it's winter time, you need to make sure your skin is properly moisturized before you start adding layers and layers of foundation! That reminds me...keep the bridge of your nose and the upper parts of your cheeks extra soft and moisturized when you plan to wear your glasses!

Woman with glasses

As usual, I've compiled some helpful thingies to help you achieve makeup & hair perfection while you wear your glasses. First, a video from Michelle Phan from earlier 2009 with excellent tips for glasses & makeup.

Here's a great post with a video included from MissChievous. She makes it look so easy and glamorous!

Also, there are a couple great tidbits; here's a post from Makeup Talk with a couple good pointers, and a great article from Beauty with Brains with unique make up tips that are organized very well -- you can even find out how your prescription changes how your eyes look!

Have fun! Aqua teen is over, which means it's time for webcake to visit sweet, sweet dreamland. Good night ladies!



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Heeeey I love the new blog girl! Keep it up!

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Thank you! Nothing can ever be too pink O_o

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