Winter makeup tips!

Happy winter from webcake! xoxo

When the weather starts to get cold and the wind starts to sting your skin, you know you're going to need a bit of extra protection against the elements. Get a head start on things by making sure you moisturize properly with oil-free moisturizers and face creams.

Using moisturizers with vitamin E, aloe, and shea butter can help improve your skin's texture through the day if you are often exposed to the cold weather. (See why vitamin E is good for your skin here.)

Aside from making sure you moisturize enough, you also need to make sure you don't use a foundation that dries too quickly. (The cheap ones unfortunately seem to do even more damage in cold weather.) If the wind makes your cheeks cold and puffy, it can completely mess up your complexion and make all of that time you spent in the morning completely worthless. And that...is very annoying.

If you're like me and you live somewhere that gets pretty darn cold in the winter, you'll notice that your beauty routine almost completely changes with the seasons. Once it starts to get colder, there are just some products we can't wear.

For example, I've noticed mousse or cream eye shadows and foundations (or anything with a light whipped type consistency that you put on your face) seem to disappear when chilly wind hits your face for extended periods of time. Either that, or they start making strange lines and seeping into whatever is left of your skin's natural oil, making streaks on my eye lids.

You also want to make sure that the soap and/or body wash that you're using is doing it's job properly, and not over drying your skin. Your soap can't tell when it's winter, so you have to adjust how and when you wash accordingly. Also, just because it's winter doesn't mean you shouldn't use your moisturizer with an SPF! The sun is still beating down on your skin, even when it's cold.

Looking for some products that are specifically made for your skin in cold weather? Lucky you, because I've scoured the internet for them so you don't have to!

First, I'll start with Clinique's Moisture Surge moisturizer. It's incredibly easy to apply and goes on so very smooth, you can feel it absorbing right into your skin! Also, it's suited for long wear and can last through the elements, keeping your face properly moisturized and keeping you from getting those big red puffy cheeks.

Next, I'm crazy about e.l.f tinted moisturizer. I use it a heck of a lot every day on the circles under my eyes and on the shadowed parts of my forehead and chin, because those places seem to get dry the quickest. This not only blends easily into my foundation and powder, but is actually a really great moisturizer for the price.

It's blue, it's chunky, it's in an ugly little tub and it smells like menthol and camphor! Surprise! It IS menthol and camphor! It's Blistex's Lip Medex, and no winter would be complete without this little blue pot of menthol lip balm. It cools your lips when they're dry and chapped, and keeps them moisturized for a good amount of time. It's not cute to whip this out all the time, but before you leave the house it's a good idea to put some on. You can find it at pretty much every drugstore ever.

Keep your hoods on and tie them closed so a lot of snowy, chilly, winter wind doesn't directly contact your skin. Use spot treatment moisturizers as much as you can, and never skimp on the chapstick!

Looking for some more makeup tips from the pros? Here's a recent good tidbit from ELLE on keeping your skin healthy in winter.


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