Kick that cold to the curb with natural home remedies!

Nobody likes getting sick, especially when it’s a monster cold with sniffles, runny nose, horrible congestion and a sore throat that feels like fire and razorblades. I’m still in the process of getting rid of a really persistent cold, and I was utterly betrayed by modern medicine the past couple nights.

Obviously, I’ll try for the conventional bottled medicine in the cabinet before I start chugging salt & vinegar water. But this time, even after (well over) the reccommended dosage of Robutissin, Sudafed, and even slathering Vicks all over my entire upper body, I was getting little to no relief at all. My throat was the worst, it just felt like a bunch of bees kept stinging my throat cavity over and over in an attempt to make me claw through my skin and let them out.

Box of facial tissue

After not sleeping for over 24 hours and laying with an agonizing cough, I decided to do what I should have done in the first place. The ceyenne pepper remedy!

There are plenty of helpful places on the web that can tell you how to make simple ceyenne pepper remedies, like Earth Clinic’s recipies. Here I’ll share with you a simple way to use it in your morning tea. You’ll need:

  • a warm cup of black, green, or red tea
  • a few drops of (preferably local) honey
  • a hearty dash of ceyenne pepper
  • a circular medium-thick slice of fresh lemon

I expect people to already know how to make a cup of remedy tea, but just in case you don’t, I’ll explain it so you don’t basically mace yourself with this one. Make your cup of tea, remove (and squeeze remnants from) the tea bag and throw it away. Add your drops of honey and dash of ceyenne. MIX INCREDIBLY WELL. Why do you have to mix it well? Because if you sip it, and any dry ceyenne happens to hit the back of your throat, it will burn. Very, very badly.

Now drop in your lemon slice, let it sit for a moment and then give it one more stir, in case any pepper has settled. Now, enjoy your tea. The best part about this remedy is; if you’re using it, you most likely are so sick that you can’t taste/smell anything. That works well here, because the tea might taste a bit awful and I’m sure it doesn’t smell so great either.

Take small sips, and don’t be alarmed if your lips or the tip of your tongue tingle a bit. It’s pretty much the same sensation as if you ate a bunch of hot wings. Unless you’re a weenie, you should be able to handle that. Just wash it down with another cup of regular tea with another lemon in it, and you should notice almost immedeate results. Your stinging throat should haave subsided, and if you couldn’t previously eat solid food, you can now! This remedy works very fast and it’s perfect for me. (You can’t look pretty when you’re coughing up brown stuff and have snot hanging out of your nose.)

There’s truly nothing better than natural remedies. You can use apple cider vinegar and organic honey in lots of natural cold remedies too, and both can be found right at Earth Clinic. Stay safe and feel better!


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