Salts in your beauty routine ♥

There's been a good number of ingredients that have been part of a woman's beauty routine for centuries upon centuries. One of those indispensable ingredients is salts. Some of the most prized salts are dead sea salts, because of the density of all those excellent minerals packed into such tiny salty granules.

Bath salts

"While the ocean has an average salinity of around 3%, the Dead Sea has a steady salinity of over 33%. This concentration of minerals causes the salts harvested from the Dead Sea to have more goodies packed into each natural grain. Also, while sodium compromises most of what's in regular sea salt, Dead Sea salt contains only 10% sodium. The rest is natural minerals."

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Dead Sea salts are expensive, that's no lie. Luckily, there's a cheaper, and still very effective alternative. Natural sea salts are great for your skin, whether you're using them to help clean it, heal it, exfoliate it, or get rid of acne on it's surface. So grab that cylindrical container and make some awesome stuff for your skin right at home!

Use natural products and ingredients (like using sea salt or cinnamon for exfoliation) as often as you can. It's always better for your skin no matter WHAT.

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