Bee & Flower Rose Soap & some new pretty things ♥

Hello again! The other day, I made a small purchase that I'm absolutely loving. I was at the natural foods store and found some Bee & Flower soap, one was sandalwood and the other was rose. I'm obsessed with anything rose, and it was only 99 cents, so I got it. It's a vegetable soap and uses no animal related products, and it's super easy on your skin. Not only that, but it smells SOOOOooo good. It actually leaves a light scent on your skin too, without a nasty film or anything gross like that.

Another perk is it's beautiful packaging! It's very neatly wrapped in an ornate little pocket type thingy with pretty flowers and Chinese writing all over it. You can smell it right through the package. I have no idea where this soap is normally found, but if you find it, BUY IT!

As for the pretty things I made:

Those round pretty green orbs are Green Aventurine, and sporadically dispersed amongst them are sets of three sea glass chips. I looooove this, I wore it yesterday.

This one is basically on the same idea, but with only sets of 1, 2, 3, and 4 grade B Lapis Lazuli chips. It's also a little longer, and I made earrings for it too. I only have one shirt that matches, but I love it anyway. Both of them are on basic silver plated double link chain and have silver plated barrel clasps.

Well that's my piece for the day. I'm about to play some CoDmw2 until my eyes bleed. ♥ xoxo


T.C. said...

I like the green one. :)

webcake said...

Thanks ^_^ Have fun at your game!

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